I think my love for black and white happened a long time ago. I do love color photos, but black and white I have always felt speaks with so much emotion. It's more meaningful and draws one's soul to a magical artistic place. It can be deep and tell a story that can be profound and mysterious. it can be simple and complex at the same time. Sprinkle some vintage vibes and you have a beautiful mix of beauty and fine art. I always keep that in mind when I'm in a session along with the questions: What would be wall-worthy, or beautiful in a magazine? Can this appeal to a majority of people looking for boudoir? Is this something I would want? Boudoir is sacred and private, beautiful and celebratory.  Fine-Art Boudoir, my definition is creating beautiful imagery, painting a picture of a polished artistic version of you. It's unique, tasteful, and something you can be proud of.

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