I get really nervous each and every time client comes in for "Big Reveal"  I'm always looking at their reaction as we are going through their boudoir images, my hope is always for whoever walks in my door to feel absolutely beautiful and to walk away extremely happy. When people come to see me, the first thing they say is how bad or ugly they feel and how they really just want some beautiful images of themselves. Then they go off the checklist of the things they don't like. As I sit and listen to these women all I can see is their individual beauty! I wish they could see it too! I want them to see it too! As women, we are so harsh on ourselves and our bodies are so fricken amazing. We are built as humans to change and get old. We so need to accept and love the process. My job is to photograph you in the most flattering way and to help you see the best-polished version of yourself. If I can give you a little more self-esteem and help with a little boost of "Hay I do look fricken amazing" And you walk out more door smiling with amazing images in your hand. That Seriously makes my job so much more meaningful and amazing! My 2022 wish to all my past clients and future clients to come, is to remember you are always beautiful.

*This session is one of my favs because this beautiful soul was so fun to work with and she just rocked the camera! 








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